“Rescue Operations” Launched on the Site of Field Exercise NATO “BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 2017”

Early this morning, the activities of the practical part of the civilian NATO field exercise “BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 2017” were launched. The aim of the exercise is to provide more effective co-operation in emergencies and to strengthen the capacity of the civil protection structures in BiH. The  exercise takes place in 8 locations in the vicinity of Tuzla, where rescue teams have been deployed from 34 countries.

According to the Coordinator of Water Rescue Teams, Borut Horvat, the number of participating teams and locations prepared for water and under-water rescue is really impressive due to the size and number of participants. “Since 2008, I have participated in all NATO and EU field exercises and so far I have not been in the exercise where 14 water and under-water rescue teams have been involved, which is far more teams compared to those exercises where we had a maximum of three to four teams. Even before the beginning of the practical exercise, our goal was achieved because we had good coordination, the teams helped each other, shared the equipment, so we can say that we achieved good mutual cooperation, ” Horvat stated.

Today’s exercises take place at Modrac Lake, Guming, Oskovo and Petroleum Terminals in Živinice, and the scenario includes rescue from floods, earthquakes, mines, mine incidents, urban search and rescue and protection in case of chemical, biological, radiological threats.

The “BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 2017” has gathered about 1300 participants from 34 countries and aims to improve the interoperability of international activities in response to natural disasters.