Preparations for NATO Civilian Exercise – Increasing the security and preparedness of the response to future natural disasters

Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Mektić and NATO Representative Laurence Mayer-Mineman announced in Sarajevo today a civilian rescue exercise, the first response to natural disasters, to be carried out in the vicinity of Tuzla in September 2017.

This civil exercise is the biggest event of this kind that is being held in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last decade.

More than 1,000 people will take part in the exercise, out of which 550 come from 30 partner countries.

Minister Mektić emphasized that not long ago we were in a position to receive rescue teams from these countries, when they saved human lives and participated in the rehabilitation of the consequences of catastrophic May floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


“This is an opportunity to successfully organize to return the favor as good hosts in the best possible way and contribute to increasing the security and readiness of the response to future natural disasters.

The risk of these disasters exists in every country, which imposes the need to strengthen cooperation and joint action.

Through this exercise, we will examine the readiness of action and cooperation in the event of heavy floods, landslides, earthquakes, chemical accidents, mining accidents, mine incidents, traffic accidents, radiation sources …

Most importantly, with this exercise, we will be able to test out the readiness of domestic protection and rescue structures to work together in a coordinated way, but also to observe all aspects of cooperation with other countries and partners whose help should be available in the event of a natural disaster, stated Mektic.

Tonight in Tuzla, a final planning conference was held with the Executive Director of the BiH Exercise Samir Huseinbasic, and the Head of the NATO Civil Emergency Planning Section Laurence Mayer-Mineman.